you have dental help by dentist

dentist in the States is critical here and in terms of getting those Medicaid benefits that’s dental help that’s where the rubbers hitting the road in terms of raising the awareness .

obviously any national effort that we’re going to do is going to have to have that sort of grassroots a state-based effort to raise the awareness with members of Congress and with others policymakers about the importance

of oral health so that we can continue to to make this a broader national issue but to tell us a little bit about how some of how it feels to do some of that grassroots work and the progress that they’re making in Maine we’ve

got Kathy Kilrain Del Rio with Maine equal justice partners to talk about what’s been going on up there in Maine during this legislative session so Kathy I’ll turn it over to you thank you and we actually just recently

changed our name to just Maine equal justice and you go on to the next slide so we come to this work as an organization that’s part of the legal aid community and we were formed back in the s when legal aid providers are

no longer able to do a lot of systemic advocacy and we work to increase Economic Security opportunity and equity for people here in Maine we focus on a variety of anti-poverty programs and solutions to help people move out of poverty including a Maine care which is our Medicaid program

TANF snap general assistance and we do that in a couple of different ways so we have direct legal services people call us all the time every day asking for help often dealing with our