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Neighbor’s lawn twice a year renaissance dental I can afford that luxury and then renaissance dental I started looking at all the other expenses in my life through the same lens what would .

renaissance dental

I be willing to do how many side hustle hours would I be willing to trade for that thing that I want or that travel that I want to take or that thing that adds purpose or value in my life re framing that topic has completely allowed .

Me to afford the things that I didn’t want to cut out of my budget and that’s given me a lot more hope in the fire journey that means that after the last year .

I’ve earned ten thousand two hundred and eight dollars just with that mentality now applied to my life so I wanted to thank you I was prepared to donate.

The next years to corporate America but now I feel like I’m on a -year glide slope to retirement instead of spending years giving that to corporate

America trading hours for dollars now I’m investing that in my own business my own time pursuits and hobbies in my own relationships and maybe one .

Day and a wife that’s so much more hopeful than the path that I otherwise would have been on I just wanted to thank you for the good work thank you for putting it all out there for.

Free thank you for being my digital virtual mentor thank you for the message that you’ve kept coming congratulations on the Plutus award and by .

All means keep the fire burning Thank You mr. refined by fire and congratulations I love what you said about rather than giving the next years to corporate .

America you are now giving time to yourself you’re doing things that are more meaningful more purposeful that is absolutely