what is dental insurance no waiting period

dental insurance no waiting period share their story and get involved in this campaign if they would like so if that is something that you’re interested in disseminating please do.

Will be hearing from us throughout the campaign of just how this affects real people and how this is such an important issue for us all other ways

That families is working on raising the issue in a more immediate sense first is on a smaller effort related to Medicare dental coverage this is an

Administer native jeffort with the with CMS and the Health and Human Services Agency to get Medicare to cover what is called medically necessary um general coverage and this would allow a really narrow interpretation of

What Medicare could cover for people that need oral health care that is integral to another Medicare covered procedure so if you need your gum disease taken care of in order to get a kidney transplant and amber will be

Telling us a little bit more about that the other thing we can do in a more immediate sense is making sure as patrick alluded to that we are engaging in universal coverage conversations that are happening things like

Medicare for all and in making sure that we’re all held as part of those conversations there also be upcoming elections and we encourage you all to continue to collect and share stories as well to elaborate a little bit more on

The universal coverage and oral health connection I won’t go to in detail on any of the specific policies but I did want to highlight a sign-on opportunity

That you all are welcome to join in on there is an open letter which there’s a link to in these five that will be open until June th that lays out why it is so important that any proposal looking at universal coverage includes a

Conversation around oral health and is sure to address oral health the letter lays out how current programs including Medicare including Medicaid and also.