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The table ameritas dental when you’re in the game with all your heart and all ameritas dental your soul that’s when you bring true value to your creation and so if you’re just beginning.

A podcast as you are and to anybody else out there who’s thinking about starting either a podcast or a blog or any other creative entrepreneurial work.

I would not lead with the question of how do I make this lucrative because the number one way that I have seen people fail time and time again is that

They start with that question and I believe that that’s the wrong question to start with the question that you start with is how do I make this immensely valuable because once you make it valuable .

That combination of quality and consistency over time that is what allows you to grow a community and once you have that community once you have .

That audience then there are a million ways that you could monetize it but that monetization comes later it comes after you have built a community and so .

When you’re just starting out I think it’s it’s premature to ask that question and the number one way that I have seen people yeah I go to fincon every year it’s .

This conference for people who create digital media around the topic of personal finance so bloggers podcasters youtubers in the personal finance space and I’m one of the few people I think there are around of us in total

Who have been to every single fincon starting in up through today this year is gonna be my ninth out of nine and so in the last.