How to get humana dental

I’ve had several questions humana dental like how did that be it’s kind of just like when you have the flu okay you old drain your whole body’s drain because you’re fighting like you’re fighting.

This bacterial infection the same thing with your mouth you fighting this bacterial infections are your eyes focused on that so yeah you get your energy back once you kill.

That eradicate that bacteria so when you hear like somebody’s just like a hygienist that says you just need to blush and brush and floss more that

What do you think when you hear that for some patients you could brush and floss all day long but it’s not gonna kill those bugs is it got a genetic component they’re susceptible to the bacteria and they have nap treatment

We have to get down there and kill the bugs for them now what about this health crowd that you know the the the people that are trying to take care of themselves.

They don’t like antibiotics can you do this without antibiotics yeah cases yeah you can do it without that’s the current treatment right right it’s a phonics surgery correct you can do.

Without antibiotics basically with the laser you’re basically attacking that you’re killing the bacteria just like the antibiotic would okay so yeah that’s a definitely option for those patients that are against the back to antibiotics

How does it compare to like statistically are there any published reports like what’s better than the older cutting way where you peel back the gums and yes .

With a laser definitely is uh definitely several researchers have been done and they say either is equal to better certain statistics as far as pain and the period of time.

That it takes I mean the laser is superior for sure because if it’s equal results right because I had a periodontist right I’m knowing you’re coming in here periodontist.

From st. Louis and he’s Randy the results are similar right rageh well if they’re similar but the laser is better because it slow .