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Dental insurance first few weeks got lungs with the first breath the baby’s lungs fill with air expand and regular breathing begins you’ve got.

  • her heart changes in structure at birth to enable blood to circulate through the lungs intestines excretes the first vehicle material has
  • a thick sticky greenish black mixture bile and mucus femur but most of the bones of our cartilage and
  • the foot may be turned in or out depending on the baby’s position in

The uterus genitals large in both sexes girls may have a slight vaginal discharge the pelvis primarily made of cartilage it’s tape liver relatively large at birth and is it is

The major site of blood production in the fetus and the thymus gland part of the immune system is large at birth because the immune system is maturing rapidly and

We of course female reproductive disorder breast lumps endometriosis cervical cancer ovarian cancer fibroid uterine cancer a prolapsed uterus there are male reproductive disorders .

Hydra cell a testicular cancer or prostate disorders and something we generally hear a bit about is sexually transmitted infections gonorrhea pelvic inflammatory disease non gonococcal.

Your wreath right syphilis chlamydia there’s also infertility disorders damaged Fallopian tubes abnormalities of your uterus cervical problems causes of male infertility problems

With sperm production difficult passages jacket or abroad problems which is why we have IVF which is in vitro fertilization a method of assisted conception in vitro fertilization

brings sperm and egg together outside of the body so you can see this is a refined version of IVF intracytoplasmic sperm injection can be used in male infertility when a conventional assisted techniques have failed

the procedure is very delicate and involves the use of micro instruments under a microscope success rates are up to percent in one menstrual

cycle and only one embryo develops pregnancy and labor disorders a hectic topic pregnancy where the fetus begins to